Pom pom the podgy bear


作者:by Sandra Christina Shaw;Illustrated by Andrew Roper


出版社:Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd Andrews UK Limited

出版地:Devon, England [Luton, England]

格式:EPUB 流式



This short story in poetry form is about a cute, mischievous little bear called Pom-Pom. Pom-Pom is very kind and loving and wishes to please her parents at all times, but in the process she often ends up in all sorts of trouble. She is a great thinker, full of ideas, and she always tries to be helpful and good. When there is a problem she always tries to solve it, but the well-meaning bear finds herself in even greater difficulties. In Pom-Pom the Podgy Bear, Sandra Christina Shaw introduces us to Pom-Pom and relates the first of her many adventures.

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